Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Work smart rather than working hard

The friends we choose can either break us or make us. Take for instance you involve yourself with friends who are robbers or those who involve themselves in any other form of crime. The possibility of you losing track of your life or even death is very high. I always advise my friends not to remain hooked with people who do not add any meaning to their lives. Instead, choose friends who have a plan. As they say, if you do not have a plan, you plan to fail. 

My main reason of writing this article is because of a story I read about Facebook buying Whatsapp. WhatsApp allows people to connect via their cellphone numbers. But instead of racking up texting fees, Whats App sends the actual messages over mobile broadband. That makes Whatsapp particularly cost effective for communicating with people overseas as compared to sending a text message. 

Have you ever sat down to think of the founder of Whats App? May be just like me its a no until yesterday when I read the news online, thank you to technology. It was founded by two American Jan Koum the C.E.O and Acton Brain. These two are former employees of yahoo who got tired of their jobs. Their product has made a name for them and now they are the talk of the world after making billions. Think of this, what if these people remained employed? the answer is very simple, they would still be the same today maybe. Bearing in mind the amount of work yahoo employees especially engineers have to handle, they would still be working for a salary at the end of the month. I am not saying that employment is a bad choice, but think outside the box. The friends around you also will influence to some extent the decisions you make.

My advice to you is, choose friends who can help you think outside the box. Read about real success stories, get advice from those who have already succeeded and this way trust me you will achieve the best. Do not give up even if you have tried a thousand times. You will make it one day. Just be smart in whatever you do. Work smart rather than working hard. Finally, you have to change your mentality. Its all in your mind. You have to believe in yourself before you even take that step. Do not be outdated, instead stay ahead of technology that way you will remain relevant to the end.