Monday, March 31, 2014

English Words For Denoting Places

Aviary- where birds are kept

Apiary- where bees are kept

Aquarium- where fish are kept

Hutch- where rabbits are kept

Sty- where pigs are kept

Insectarium- where insects are kept

Igloo- where Eskimo's live

Dowar- where Arab's live

Chalet- where a Swiss peasant lives

Wigwam- where a Red Indian lives

Caravan- where a gypsy lives

Kraal- the shelter of a Zulu

Kennel- where a dog lives

Stable- where a horse lives

Pen- where a cow lives

Dove cot- where pigeons or doves live

Burrow- where an underground animal lives

Den- where a lion lives

Drey- where a squirrel lives

Lair- the resting place of a wild animal

Form- the bed or house of a hare