Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Walk our talks and survive better

A personal reflection on all the days work always come in the mind of every sober human being. We tend to count on our failures and successes as we retire to bed a few minutes before before we sink in the dreamland. Many at times have felt great pain on realising that they failed more than they succeeded.

However life is so fair that it gives us one chance after the other. A new day will always come our way in life no matter how we spent the previous one. As someone said that making a mistake is not a mistake but repeating it and everyone has a right to make a mistake in their lifetime. The big question however still remains, do we really learn something from our past mistakes and failures? Do they build us or break us?

We should strive to be king over circumstances and not letting them be king. It's how we make up our mind in the morning at the time we wake up, that determines how our day will be. And its a plain truth that your efforts in life will always depend on how you adjusted your mind and commitment towards circumstances. If you believe you can and so it becomes and the opposite is true. This is one of the major reasons why the optimists will always emerge out of a predicament strong.

It is the simple things in the world that are the most extraordinary;only wise men are able to understand them. Change is always as good as a rest, change your ways and let us focus on the thick and thin of life and handle it the way it comes.