Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Make Women Always Feel Loved

The most common complaints of women while in a relationship is feeling unloved. In fact last month was accompanied by holiday out of town, every week of eating in an expensive restaurant, accompanied out of the country every year, but still feel unloved. Actually there is a logical explanation for this.
If you want to be seen as a man who loves women of all time, here's how.
First of all let us imagine beautiful creatures called women. They are gentle, loving, sweet, adorable, and also make miss her. Well the next guys, think about this one thing: the bathroom tub ...
Seriously, think about your bathroom tub in the house.
We women have a unique way of feeling love: we should be able to continue to feel loved. Like a bath tub which should be continuously filled with water, we feel loved when we got the attention simultaneously and continuously.
So if you want the tub filled with full love, so you have to open the faucet. But the most common mistake that man made is opening the faucet is too big, to the point that overflows Dumper spilled onto the floor. After overflowing, and the tap is turned off and not turned on again until when nearly empty (or when the tub complain = P).
Men assume that women's attention must be on a large scale, epic, and dramatic. For example, suppose you have to buy her expensive things so he feels loved. You buy her a new gadget every new one lounched. you continue to take her traveling to places far away, you fill in the voucher, you do the tasks of college, you buy her jewelry after every payday. The impact, you will definitely tired by yourself, then stop doing it. Because there is no one who can do great things all the time without stopping. Then fit you can not give the stuff again, your girlfriend began questioning fussy, demanding this and that, then you stress because you know you can just gonna do it temporarily.
In fact, there is a more effective way so that her tube love is always full. Well, you should let the tap always open, but in moderation. In other words, you should be able and willing to give her the attentions of the "small scale" but more often. For example, you invite him enough roads once a week (not every day), you telephone him enough 15 minutes (not forced 2 hours every day), you do not mind eating she invites roadside grilled chicken (not keep all you can eat or fine dining), you hadiahin he iket funny hair (not the all-gold diamond jewelry)
And various other types of small attention like a kiss on the forehead, say thank you, give you a surprise in the form of a romantic card, send sweet words. All this attention is so small and easy that you can do it over and over again without getting tired.
Treat your relationship like marathon running slowly because you have to run away and not run at full speed but short distances such as sprint. Again, make sure the tub is always filled with your love, and not by others, but by you. When that happens, we the women will really love you guys. Congratulations on being compassionate man of all time!