Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dolphins Are Perhaps the Most Intelligent Sea Animals

They make various whistle-like calls to each other. All whales too make sounds to call their companions, sounds like the creaking of gates and he whistles of trains! There are several sailors’ tales in which dolphins offer people rides on their backs, and some of these tales may have some truth in them. 

People who go swimming in the company of dolphins say that these sea animals have a strange ability to fill human minds with a sense of peace and joy. Recently, there have been several reports about dolphins employed by doctors to treat children’s mental illnesses. One report says that seven –year- old girl was taken to an aquarium in Mexico City, and a dolphin was commended to treat her. 

The dolphin put its snout close to the child’s head and made a chirping noise. This `treatment’ was repeated several times and the child’s doctors said she soon became much better. But for hundreds of years, and even now, humans have been cruel to dolphins and whales. They hunt these gentle creatures to get various products from their bodies and sell them for a lot of money. Under a whale’s skin, there is a kind of fat called lubber. This layer of blubber is about 15 centimeters thick, and it keeps the whale warm in the cold ocean water. From this blubber, we get whale oil. One large whale’s blubber yields about 30 tons of whale oil. Whale oil is used to make soap, margarine and several other things. Whalebone and whale meat are also worth a lot of money. 

Then, from the whale’s stomach we get something called `ambergris’. Ambergris is very valuable. It is used in manufacturing expensive perfumes.