Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Venezuelan soap star Monica Spear, ex-husband murdered

There is a very sad news come from the internet that the Former Venezuelan beauty queen Monica Spear killed. Her husband and daughter are also with her and her husband also murdered in this incident. The five-year old daughter also injured in the incident but she is save and in the hospital. Monica Spear was 29 years old and her husband was 39 years old. Venezuelan soap star Monica Spear, ex-husband murdered They are going somewhere in Venezuela by car and someone shoot them to death. This incident happen at highway leading from Valencia to Puerto Cabello and police have started an investigation of killing at this place. Police also said that they think that they are the victims of a failed robbery. President Nicolas Maduro promised that he will respond with "an iron fist" to those people who continue to attack the Venezuelan people. He said: "We were evaluating the cruelty with which the suspects acted. Violence is an evil that we have. There will be no tolerance to those who carry out acts like that, killing decent men and women, who have a right to live." Monica Spear became Miss Venezuela in 2004 and she also work in some soaps.