Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEOBUX 6th birthday Join this site Click on Banner below

It was 6 years ago that NeoBux was introduced.
These were 6 years that turned the PTC industry upside-down and our contributive innovations proved that being selfless and honest brings us the best reward we could ever have wanted.

Every day we see countless "bux" sites copying our features but deceiving users with "bots", fake cash out fees, and everything else that only evil people could devise. Every day we see the greed in the rotten dark side of people. Yes, there will always be evil everywhere... there will always be weeds in the garden we created. But there will always be a safe and amazing place to be and we not only call it our home but also invite every one to it.

My personal dream that one day dozens of sites like ours could exist is long gone. Not only we've proven that honesty is the way to go but also that no one cared to follow our example. Kind of weird if you ask me but that's what mankind is all about and I guess there's nothing more anyone can do to teach love to those that don't have a heart.

A broken dream it is but from that comes such a great fulfillment to know that at least we exist and that we continue to think about the users that made us what we are today and give them everything we can in return. Yes, it's lonely to be who we are but it's definitely a joyful feeling to know not only what we've achieved but also the lives we changed, the happiness we gave, and the never-ending desire to continue to evolve, to grow, and to excel ourselves.

One day in a pleasant conversation I was asked what I loved more about NeoBux and without thinking only two words came out of my mouth: "our users". I often say that we're blessed for having such great individuals sharing our philosophy and believing in our vision. We're really happy to have such a great community that treat each other as a member of their family, a close friend. Some seek knowledge from those who have it, others share their knowledge with those who need it but in the end everyone feels at home and that's something really, really hard to accomplish anywhere and I'm thankful to all of you that made that happen.

NeoBux is for you and without you there wouldn't be any joy nor inspiration. I personally want to thank all of you that made us who we are today and will obviously make us even better. This will be a year of changes (good ones, really) and I'm excited to make them a reality soon.

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