Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Importance of customer service

Customer service is the first experience each and every customer has say when they visit an office, hotel, salon, make a call, sends an email and so forth. When a customer visits any of these places or sends an email or even makes a call, the way the person who receives them talks to them is very important. On the other hand, when a customer sends an email and it remains an answered or receives feedback much much later, then one can imagine the impact that has to any business. I have been in a customer service desk for 6 years and I know what good customer service can do. It can either make or break an organization or a business, name them.

In order to offer the best service,first and foremost, it is always good to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Assume you are the one on the receiving end. What is it that you would like someone to do for you as a customer? What is it that you would not like someone to do to you? With these in mind, trust me you will give your best. Why would someone wake up early in the morning just to go and put on a "I have been through hell" kind of face? I would rather you slept, that way you will not annoy anyone.

A good example of poor customer service, Kenya government offices. Most of these people am not sure they know what they wake up to do in those offices. Anytime I visit these offices, it is always a disappointment. They need to pull up their socks otherwise we do not need them. Why get paid to mistreat Kenyans? Another example is most salons. Just make a mistake and visit a salon where you have never been before, or your type of hair; like mine, is not the best. I do not mean all salons have poor customer service but I am a woman and you can imagine how many salons I have visited in my life time. They will either overcharge you or treat you like a piece of garbage let alone discussing a customer after she/he leave. There is this salon I visited and not only did the lady serving me pour shampoo on my face but also she took it further and wiped me with a went towel and did not even bother to change my towel after washing my hair. Trust me, like any other unsatisfied customer, I never went back to that salon and will not even refer anybody to the same salon. There is also this gentleman I have been buying potatoes from. I always like big size potatoes for my chips, but every time I go shopping for my potatoes, he complains that he cannot sell big sizes only. Surely, is he being reasonable,I am a regular customer and he knows it. Why would he not give me what I want? the next thing I find myself saying is,"I think you are pushing me away as a customer" and that is it. I no longer visit him.

As I conclude, my advice to you all is, give the best to your clients, whether it is in the office or your business or whatever you do on a daily basis. It does not cost you anything to serve someone well. You will feel good when you meet them out there. A satisfied customer is like a refined gold. You never know where you will meet them next. You might as well need their services.