Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beautiful Women 's Ready to Die on Mars

Daredevil mission to Mars , leaving 1,058 candidates were screened from 200 thousand applicants . Tucked in among a thousand candidates , a middle-class French woman , Florence Porcel . He says his obsession to set foot on the Red Planet .Lifestyle comfortable middle class that generally acted not deter Porcel daredevil mission to try it . " I always dreamed of exploring the world. I feel a little cramped on Earth , " said a woman who claimed that space enthusiasts .
His background is a journalist who also did not relax the spirit Porcel to participate in competition with other candidates . " I am not a pilot , a doctor or an engineer . I will never become an astronaut through a common procedure , " he said .
Porcel also been considering a challenge that is not easy to survive in the field of Mars . " We will try to survive in a dangerous planet , even to breathe , and not given to drink and eat . We need hard work , energy and expertise are also a bit of luck , " said the woman was born in 1983 .
As a guiding her to be ready to undergo a Mars mission , exterior apartment is now decorated with ornaments space , such as a car hanging from the solar system , photo journalist who float in zero gravity zone experiment , to a collection of books on astrophysics .
On that occasion , Porcel also reveal why the choice fell on Mars ." I really would love to help find the answers to some questions of human existence . Who we are , why we live , why we are here on Earth even how the solar system was born ? Was very interesting , " he said .