Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Natural Treatments for Kidney Disease

Do you suffer or know someone suffering from kidney disease? 

There are several conventional treatment methods such as kidney dialysis or transplant that are common in the modern days. Despite that they are effective they tend to have serious implications on the patients. They are also expensive making them unaffordable to many people. However, you should not worry anymore because it is possible to treat the problem through natural remedies without having to go through the modern expensive conventional treatment methods. With the right home remedies and diet for chronic renal disease it is possible to reverse the disease without a lot of stress.

However, before using the natural methods it is good to first note that kidney disease come especially when there are severe disturbances occurring in the kidney’s functions. Having a well functioning kidney is crucial for a healthy life because the major function of the organ is to excrete toxic wastes from the body and also help in maintenance of right fluid and mineral levels.

Below are some of the natural treatments for kidney disease you should consider.

  • Drink plenty of water It is healthy to drink a lot of water in order to eliminate toxic substances and microorganism that lurk inside the kidney leading to the kidney diseases. These substances lead to kidney diseases by overburdening it leading to its dysfunction. Drinking plenty of water leads to frequent urination and through urination, waste and toxic products are eliminated out naturally. 
  • Herbs There are several herbs that help treat kidney disease. · Corn silk is a mucilaginious herb that offers protection to the kidneys and urinary tract. Corn silk is the dried tassels at the end of maize cob. The best can be obtained from corn that is grown organically. · 
  • Gravel root that grows in marshy places is also effective as it induces sweating, thus leading to secretion of toxic substances through sweating. · 
  • Stone root is an antilithic that is mixed one to four grams of the dried root in 250 millilitre of boiling water. It is supposed to be taken three times in a day. · 
  • Other herbs that are effective include herbal teas, aloe Vera and dandelion herb all which assist in elimination of excess fluid from the body. 
  • Nutrition Vitamins and minerals are effective in kidney treatment. Vitamins such as vitamin C, A and E are necessary because they help the body fight kidney disorder. 
  • Food rich in minerals such as potassium, copper and magnesium also play an important role in the treatment process. 
  • Fruit juice such as apple, peace, lemon and oranges also help sooth kidney infection. Change in lifestyle · 
  • Excess intake of alcohol and smoking are major causes of kidney disorders, therefore it is good to stay away from smoking and alcohol. · 
  • It is also important to stay away from fast and processed food. · 
  • Exercises help the body eliminate excess water through sweating and also encourage water intake, thus reducing kidney disease vulnerability. 
  •  Homeopathy helps patients suffering from severe renal failure. It also helps ease kidney disease symptoms such as fatigue, swelling, high blood pressure and others. 
  • Proper diet is crucial in order to make the body be able to perform self repairing.