Monday, March 31, 2014

Different Types Of Phrases

A phrase can be defined as a group of related words with no subject, verb, or both. their purpose is to complete a thought or add a description to a sentence. they are used as modifiers in a sentence. 
Here are various types:

(i) Appositives; they are phrases that rename the preceding words. They are often known as noun phrases. eg Oduma,Kenya's footballer has arrived at the stadium. 

(ii) Prepositional Phrase; these usually have the preposition coming before its object. eg (a)The thief jumped over the fence.
(b)I will marry after the General Elections. 

(iii)Participial Phrases; a group of words having a participle and its completing words. the verbs here have present and past participle forms.
eg Walking down the isle, Josephine found herself smiling merrily.(present participle)
Angered by the poor teams performance, the manager could not talk to the players.(past participle)

(iv)Infinitive phrases; consist of to plus a verb and its completing words. It can function as an adverb, adjective or noun. 

To sing is what Mary likes.(as a noun, subject of a sentence)
England is the best team to support ( as an adjective)

(v) Absolute phrases; has noun or pronoun and a participle and any other completing words. They modify the entire sentence. eg The actor, her arms and legs shaking profusely, frightened the child.( present participle shaking is used)