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Different Types Of Phrases

A phrase can be defined as a group of related words with no subject, verb, or both. their purpose is to complete a thought or add a description to a sentence. they are used as modifiers in a sentence. 
Here are various types:

(i) Appositives; they are phrases that rename the preceding words. They are often known as noun phrases. eg Oduma,Kenya's footballer has arrived at the stadium. 

(ii) Prepositional Phrase; these usually have the preposition coming before its object. eg (a)The thief jumped over the fence.
(b)I will marry after the General Elections. 

(iii)Participial Phrases; a group of words having a participle and its completing words. the verbs here have present and past participle forms.
eg Walking down the isle, Josephine found herself smiling merrily.(present participle)
Angered by the poor teams performance, the manager could not talk to the players.(past participle)

(iv)Infinitive phrases; consist of to plus a verb and its completing words. It can function as an adverb, adjective or noun. 

To sing is what Mary likes.(as a noun, subject of a sentence)
England is the best team to support ( as an adjective)

(v) Absolute phrases; has noun or pronoun and a participle and any other completing words. They modify the entire sentence. eg The actor, her arms and legs shaking profusely, frightened the child.( present participle shaking is used)

Why Re-Drafting an Article is Essential

A draft might be said to be a more finish variant of an article or article composed in a section structure. It is essential to realize that most times it is improbable that a first endeavor at composing an article may be attractive consequently making a need to revise the article no less than one more of an opportunity in light of the fact that most times, there typically is very little motivation to compose an article unless you are ready to make changes. Truth be told, a few essayists normally accept that a bit of composing isn't done work after a first draft, second et cetera. This methodology of modifying your article work a last work is displayed is called re-drafting

At the end of the day redrafting is the procedure of generating another draft from a present draft. It includes the checking of general substance and structure of an article to guarantee the contentions and proclamations are introduced in a nearby and clear way. The point when redrafting your article, a great deal of including, evacuating and redesigning of components in the article is carried out, with on concentrate on the assembly of the article and the associations between its sections. Redrafting process and altering are nearly related. Their point is to recognize issues which might permit you to enhance the nature of your work.

Successful redrafting and altering is vital for achievement in article composition, on the grounds that it is seldom conceivable to process a great exposition in one draft. Composing an article includes time, musings and exertion.

Redrafting will support you in composing and displaying a superior article. It is a fantastic method for enhancing your composition abilities as it helps you to ponder your utilization of dialect, syntax and spelling.

It likewise helps by permitting you time to think of new thoughts and progressions to be included or uprooted from your article.

Redrafting can help you to be more loose about your written work since the first draft may not be displayed subsequently permitting you to compose uninhibitedly in the first draft.

Redrafting your work likewise helps you to see your ideas in diverse points in light of the fact that after re-perusing a beginning draft, you will very nearly discover methods for bringing about a significant improvement.

Your article is a convoluted bit of work so subsequently there is a need to draw upon a mixed bag of sources and apply them with your own particular plans. Redrafting will help you to compose these thoughts into a cognizant article.

English Words For Denoting Places

Aviary- where birds are kept

Apiary- where bees are kept

Aquarium- where fish are kept

Hutch- where rabbits are kept

Sty- where pigs are kept

Insectarium- where insects are kept

Igloo- where Eskimo's live

Dowar- where Arab's live

Chalet- where a Swiss peasant lives

Wigwam- where a Red Indian lives

Caravan- where a gypsy lives

Kraal- the shelter of a Zulu

Kennel- where a dog lives

Stable- where a horse lives

Pen- where a cow lives

Dove cot- where pigeons or doves live

Burrow- where an underground animal lives

Den- where a lion lives

Drey- where a squirrel lives

Lair- the resting place of a wild animal

Form- the bed or house of a hare

The Best Style to Write an Essay

For some individuals, written work an essay is a questioning procedure. For other individuals, the methodology is a straightforward one. Having the ability to develop your paper in an intelligent way, won't just give your essay a satisfactory organization, yet will additionally exhibit your plans in a justifiable way. Hence, figuring out how to compose an essay will be of focal point you. For a learner, legitimate development of an essay will help enhance his or her evaluations. You can separate your essay in three parts specifically presentation, figure and conclusion.


In the presentation part, to things are paramount. The things are subject presentation and procurement of the theory articulation. The two undertaking of the presentation in the essay development ought to be finished in one passage. For short papers, it is prudent to present the theme and state the postulation in one passage, yet for more papers, yet it could be longer for more papers. Present your subject first. The starting section situates the spectator to the subject and give dynamic guide of the remaining parts of the paper. Also, state the postulation. Theory articulation is the principle purpose of the paper. It structures the base of the exchanges of the paper. In the essay development, the proposition explanation ought to be particular, clear, on-point and decisive.

The figure

The figure part of in the development of an essay holds a few sections. Each one section gives backing to the postulation explanation. The proclamations may be in manifestation of confirmation, reason and avocation and contention. Each one section in the constitution ought to have a subject sentence. It ought to additionally have a move sentence.

The Summary 

The synopsis ought to recap the principle purposes of the essay. While developing the outline passage, restate your proposition. Give few sentences about what has been examined in the physique a piece of the essay. Don't include new plans in the rundown. For short papers, the rundown ought to be one passage long, might be more passages in more papers.

In aggregate, you can develop your essay into three fundamental parts. The parts are presentation that give the subject and the proposition explanation, the figure that explains the proposal and the rundown that gives a recap of the entire paper. In development little essays, the presentation and the conclusion ought to be one passage long, however could be all the more in more papers. The theory explanation ought to be clear, particular, revelatory, and on-point. Build your paper in a manner that is clear and intelligent.

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Wheat Grass Powder v/s Fresh Wheat Grass

As most of you probably are, I was a bit skeptical while placing my order for this Wheat Grass Powder. Instant wheat grass sounds both unappetizing and not especially nutritional. Well, as is my nature, I did needless amounts of research on the effectiveness of powdered wheat grass, and found several articles with very mixed answers, so I decided to give it a shot and decide for myself.

My first impression was that this stuff was disgusting. While fresh wheat grass bought at a health store smells like a freshly cut golf course, this stuff smells like a barn. I held my breath and mixed the recommended amount of the dark green powder with a glass of ice water and chugged. I couldn't get 1/4 way through with the mixture before I gagged and decided I would never drink the stuff with water again. The label recommends drinking it with a juice, particularly orange juice, so that's what I did the second time around. If you mix it with a strong enough flavored juice, it is actually quite enjoyable. The nasty taste is barely detectable, and all you are left to put up with is the smell. Currently my favorite juices to mix it with are stronger flavored juices mixed with multiple types of fruits - anything with grapefruit juice works great. On to the effects.

When I down a shot of fresh wheat grass, I get a small boost of energy - but most importantly I maintain a healthy up-beat feeling throughout the day. The result is more of a lack of fatigue than an elevation in energy. With this powdered wheat grass, I get the same effect, simply on a lesser scale. The initial boost of energy is barely noticeable, but I am able to maintain that same "healthy feeling" that I get with the fresh wheat grass. And the nutritional value is all there: both the vitamins and chlorophyll (see table below). The final test, which I plan on conducting: The Hangover Test. A shot of wheat grass will get me out of that half-asleep feeling I get after a night of heavy South Florida binge drinking, so it is only natural that I test the effects of the powdered wheat grass on a hangover. While I am tempted to drink solely for the sake of this review, for now I must wait - I will update with results asap.

Nutritional comparison of generic wheat grass powder to fresh wheat grass. (Please note that these numbers are not the same as the Amazing Grass brand, nor are they the values for an equivalent serving size as the values listed by Amazing Grass.)

----------------Powdered--------Wheatgrass Juice
Protein ----------850mg--------------550mg------
Vitamin A----------1670 IU-----------120 IU------
Vitamin C----------8mg----------------1mg-------
Sugars-----------< 1%-----------------> 2%-----
Folic Acid--------21mcg---------------8mcg------

Benefits of Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is a kind of grass. The above-ground parts, roots, and rhizome are used to make medicine. Wheatgrass is primarily used as a concentrated source of nutrients. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium, and amino acids.

Wheat grass is used to treat many conditions, but so far there isn't enough scientific evidence to support effectiveness for any of these uses.

Wheat grass is used for increasing production of hemoglobin, the chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen; improving blood sugar disorders, such as diabetes; preventing tooth decay; improving wound healing; and preventing bacterial infections.

It is also used for removing deposits of drugs, heavy metals, and cancer-causing agents from the body; and for removing toxins from the liver and blood.

Some people use wheat grass for preventing gray hair, reducing high blood pressure, improving digestion, and lowering cholesterol by blocking its absorption.

Wheat grass is also used to treat various disorders of the urinary tract, including infection of the bladder, urethra, and prostate; benign pro static hypertrophy (BPH);kidney stones; and in "irrigation therapy," the use of a mild diuretic along with lots of fluids to increase urine flow.

Other uses include treatment of respiratory tract complaints, including the common cold, cough, bronchitis, fever, and sore throat; tendency toward infection; gout; liver disorders; ulcerative colitis; joint pain; and chronic skin problems.

Wheat grass is used for cancer and arthritis in alternative treatment programs. Wheat grass contains a lot of chlorophyll, the chemical in plants that makes them green and also allows them to make energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. Some people think chlorophyll might fight cancer and arthritis.

Wheat grass juice is a popular health drink. It is thought to benefit health only when fresh and taken on an empty stomach immediately after extraction. But there is no research to date that supports this.

In foods and beverages, wheat grass extracts are used as a flavoring component.

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The story of CEO of J P Morgan

Some years ago, a 25-year-old gold-digger in search of a rich husband stuck her neck out on Craigslist New York asking for tips on landing Mr Moneybags. Ms Pretty, as she called herself, was rewarded by a letter from someone claiming to be the CEO of J P Morgan (never verified) containing a pill so bitter that she took herself and her post off Craigslist.
CEO,JP Morgon,businessmen

The internet being what it is, however, has kept Ms Pretty's plea and the businesslike deconstruction of her worth as a rich man's potential mate alive and in social media circulation. Seven years after Ms Pretty slunk away tail between legs, the supposed J P Morgan CEO's advice still holds good for others of her tribe.
It's also really funny.
Ms Pretty's quest to cash in:
I'm going to be honest of what I'm going to say here. I'm 25 this year. I'm very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above. You might say that I'm greedy, but an annual salary of $1M is considered only as middle class in New York.
My requirement is not high. Is there anyone in this forum who has an income of $500k annual salary? Are you all married? I wanted to ask: what should I do to marry rich persons like you?
Among those I've dated, the richest is $250k annual income, and it seems that this is my upper limit.
If someone is going to move into high cost residential area on the west of New York City Garden(?), $250k annual income is not enough.
I'm here humbly to ask a few questions:
1) Where do most rich bachelors hang out? (Please list down the names and addresses of bars, restaurant, gym)
2) Which age group should I target?
3) Why most wives of the riches are only average-looking? I've met a few girls who don't have looks and are not interesting, but they are able to marry rich guys.
4) How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only be your girlfriend? (my target now is to get married)
Ms. Pretty
The answering salvo:
Dear Ms. Pretty,
I have read your post with great interest. Guess there are lots of girls out there who have similar questions like yours. Please allow me to analyze your situation as a professional investor.
My annual income is more than $500k, which meets your requirement, so I hope everyone believes that I'm not wasting time here.
From the standpoint of a business person, it is a bad decision to marry you. The answer is very simple, so let me explain.
Put the details aside, what you're trying to do is an exchange of "beauty" and "money" : Person A provides beauty, and Person B pays for it, fair and square.
However, there's a deadly problem here, your beauty will fade, but my money will not be gone without any good reason. The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can't be prettier year after year.
Hence from the viewpoint of economics, I am an appreciation asset, and you are a depreciation asset. It's not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation. If that is your only asset, your value will be much worse 10 years later.
By the terms we use in Wall Street, every trading has a position, dating with you is also a "trading position".
If the trade value dropped we will sell it and it is not a good idea to keep it for long term - same goes with the marriage that you wanted. It might be cruel to say this, but in order to make a wiser decision any assets with great depreciation value will be sold or "leased".
Anyone with over $500k annual income is not a fool; we would only date you, but will not marry you. I would advice that you forget looking for any clues to marry a rich guy. And by the way, you could make yourself to become a rich person with $500k annual income.This has better chance than finding a rich fool.
Hope this reply helps.
J.P. Morgan CEO

Worth reading short stories

1. Fall and Rise

Today, when I slipped on the wet tile floor a boy in a wheelchair caught me before I slammed my head on the ground. He said, “Believe it or not, that’s almost exactly how I injured my back 3 years ago .

2. A father's advice

Today, my father told me, “Just go for it and give it a try!  You don’t have to be a professional to build a successful product.  Amateurs started Google and Apple.  Professionals built the Titanic

3. The power of uniqueness.

Today, I asked my mentor – a very successful business man in his 70’s – what his top 3 tips are for success.  He smiled and said, “Read something no one else is reading, think something no one else is thinking, and do something no one else is doing.

4. Looking Back

Today, I interviewed my grandmother for part of a research paper I’m working on for my Psychology class.  When I asked her to define success in her own words, she said, “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile.

5. Try and U shall know

I am blind by birth. When I was 8 years old, I wanted to play baseball. I asked my father- "Dad, can I play baseball?" He said "You'll never know until you try." When I was a teenager, I asked him, - "Dad Can I become a surgeon?". He replied "Son, you'll never know until you try." Today I am a Surgeon, just because I tried!


Today, after a 72 hour shift at the fire station, a woman ran up to me at the grocery store and gave me a hug.  When I tensed up, she realized I didn’t recognize her.  She let go with tears of joy in her eyes and the most sincere smile and said, “On 9-11-2001, you carried me out of the World Trade Center.”


Today, after I watched my dog get run over by a car, I sat on the side of the road holding him and crying.  And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.


Today at 7AM, I woke up feeling ill, but decided I needed the money, so I went into work. At 3PM I got laid off. On my drive home I got a flat tire. When I went into the trunk for the spare, it was flat too. A man in a BMW pulled over, gave me a ride, we chatted, and then he offered me a job.  I start tomorrow.


Today, as my father, three brothers, and two sisters stood around my mother’s hospital bed, my mother uttered her last coherent words before she died. She simply said, “I feel so loved right now. We should have gotten together like this more often.”


Today, I kissed my dad on the forehead as he passed away in a small hospital bed.  About 5 seconds after he passed, I realized it was the first time I had given him a kiss since I was a little boy.


Today, in the cutest voice, my 8-year-old daughter asked me to start recycling. I chuckled and asked, “Why?” She replied, “So you can help me save the planet.”  I chuckled again and asked, “And why do you want to save the planet?” “Because that’s where I keep all my stuff,” she said.

12. JOY

Today, when I witnessed a 27-year-old breast cancer patient laughing hysterically at her 2-year-old daughter’s antics, I suddenly realized that I need to stop complaining about my life and start celebrating it again.


Today, a boy in a wheelchair saw me desperately struggling on crutches with my broken leg and offered to carry my backpack and books for me.  He helped me all the way across campus to my class and as he was leaving he said, “I hope you feel better soon.”.


Today, I was traveling in Kenya and I met a refugee from Zimbabwe.  He said he hadn’t eaten anything in over 3 days and looked extremely skinny and unhealthy.  Then my friend offered him the rest of the sandwich he was eating.  The first thing the man said was, “We can share it.”

Cheers to life.

Unknown things about Japanese


Some very good and interesting points.. Read it till the end.

1 - Did you know that Japanese children clean their schools every day for a quarter of an hour with teachers which has led to the emergence of a Japanese generation who is modest and keen on cleanliness.

2 - Did you know that any Japanese citizen who has a dog must carry a special bags to pick up dog droppings.  Hygiene and their eagerness to address cleanliness is part of Japanese ethics.

3 - Did you know that hygiene worker in Japan is called "health engineer" and can command salary of USD 5000 to 8000 per month, and a cleaner is subjected to written and oral tests!!

4 - Did you know that Japan does not have any natural resources, and they are exposed to hundreds of earthquakes a year, but it did not prevent her from becoming the second largest economy in the world.

5 - Did you know that Hiroshima returned to what it was, economically vibrant before the fall of the atomic bomb in just ten years.

6 - Did you know that Japan prevents the use of mobiles in trains and restaurants.

7 - Did you know that in Japan , students from the first to sixth primary years must learn ethics in dealing with people.

8 - Did you know that the Japanese, even though they are one of the richest people in the world, do not have servants and the parents are responsible for the house and children.

9 - Did you know that there is no examination from the first to the third primary level; because the goal of education is to instill concepts and character building, not just examination and indoctrination. -

10 - Did you know that if you go to a buffet restaurant in Japan you will notice people only eat as much as they need without any waste.  No wasteful food.

11 - Did you know that the rate of delayed trains in Japan is about 7 seconds per year!!
They appreciate the value of time, very punctual to minutes and seconds.

12 -. Did you know that children brush their teeth after a meal at school; They maintain their health from an early age.

13 - Did you know that students take half an hour to finish their meals to ensure right digestion. When asked about this concern, they said: These students are the future of Japan

Life is easy- Control Your Anger

A Professor was teaching about Proverbs He asked his students,

 'why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?'

The students thought for awhile. One said, because we lose our calm. But why shout when the other person is just next to you? Asked the professor. Isn't it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you are angry? The students gave some answers but none satisfied the Professor.

Finally he explained, 'when two people are angry at each other, there is a distance in their hearts psychologically. To cover the distance, they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are,the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance.

Then the Professor asked, 'What happens when two people fall in love? They don't shout at each other but talk softly. Why?

Because their hearts are psychologically close. The distance between them is very close. The Professor continued, 'When they love each other even more, what happens? They don't speak, only whisper and they even get closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that's all.....

So next time you shout on a loved one, know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person’s heart.

It says  a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

PLS SHARE with as many friends as u can. U maybe healing a hot tempered person today...Enjoy every moment. "Life is easy"

Another version for MH370

The American is withdrawing from the Afghanistan, one of their command and control system (used for controlling the pilotless drones) was hijacked by the Talebans when the American transport convoy was moving down from one of the hill top bases. The Talebans ambushed the convoy and killed 2 American Seal personnel, seized the equipment/weapons, including the command and control system which weighed about 20 tons and packed into 6 crates. This happened about a month ago in Feb 2014.

       What the Talebans want is money. They want to sell the system to the Russian or the Chinese. The Russian is too busy in Ukraine. The Chinese are hungry for the system's technology. Just imagine if the Chinese master the technology behind the command and control system, all the American drones will become useless. So the Chinese sent 8 top defense scientists to check the system and agreed to pay millions for it.
       Sometime in early Mar 2014,  the 8 scientists and the 6 crates made their way to Malaysia, thinking that it was the best covert way to avoid detection. The cargo was then kept in the Embassy under diplomatic protection.  Meanwhile the American has engaged the assistance of Israeli intelligence, and together they are determined to intercept and recapture the cargo.
       The Chinese calculated that it will be safe to transport it via civilian aircraft so as to avoid suspicion. After all the direct flight from KL to Beijing takes only 4 and half hours, and the American will not hijack or harm the civilian. So MH370 is the perfect carrier.
       There are 5 American and Israeli agents onboard who are familiar with Boeing operation. The 2 "Iranians" with stolen passports could be among them.
       When MH370 is about to leave the Malaysian air space and reporting to Vietnamese air control, one American AWAC jammed their signal, disabled the pilot control system and switched over to remote control mode. That was when the plane suddenly lost altitude momentarily.
       How the AWAC can do it ? Remember 911 incident ? After the 911 incident, all Boeing aircraft (and possibly all Airbus) are installed with remote control system to counter terrorist hijacking. Since then all the Boeing could be remote controlled by ground control tower. The same remote control system used to control the pilotless spy aircraft and drones.
       The 5 American/Israeli agents soon took over the plane, switched off the transponder and other communication system, changed course and flew westwards. They dare not fly east to Philippines or Guam because the whole South China Sea air space was covered by Chinese surveillance radar and satellite.
       The Malaysian, Thai and Indian military radars actually detected the unidentified aircraft but did not react professionally.
The plane flew over North Sumatra, Anambas, South India and then landed at Maldives (some villagers saw the aircraft landing), refueled and continued its flight to Garcia Deigo, the American Air Base in the middle of Indian Ocean. The cargo and the black box were removed. The passengers were silenced via natural means, lack of oxygen. They believe only dead person will not talk. The MH370 with dead passengers were air borne again via remote control and crashed into South Indian Ocean, make it to believe that the plane eventually ran out of fuel and crashed, and blame the defiant captain and copilot.
The American has put up a good show. First diverting all the attention and search effort in the South China Sea while the plane made their way to Indian Ocean. Then they came out with some conflicting statement and evidence to confuse the world. The Australian is the co-actor.
The amount of effort put up by China, in terms of the number of search aircraft, ships and satellites, searching first the South China Sea, then the Malacca Straits and the Indian Ocean  is unprecedented. This showed that the China is very concerned, not so much because of the many Chinese civilian passengers, but mainly the high value cargo and its 8 top defense scientists.

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How does BITCOIN works

Forget most things you've heard. People discover Bitcoin in a variety of ways, but usually pick up some sort of misconception like "Bitcoin gives free money to people with computers" or "in order to use Bitcoin I have to use a program that wastes electricity for nothing" along the way. Here is a good summary to help you understand Bitcoin in general, by focusing on what Bitcoin is and what problem it solves. These two things are not typically well explained on most websites, and it is difficult to appreciate just how effective a technology Bitcoin is until they are understood.

What Bitcoin is: An agreement amongst a community of people to use 21 million secure mathematical tokens--"bitcoins"--as money, like traditional African and Asian societies used the money cowry. Unlike the money cowry:
there will never be more bitcoins
they are impossible to counterfeit
they can be divided into as small of pieces as you want
and they can be transferred instantly across great distances via a digital connection such as the internet.

This is accomplished by the use of powerful cryptography many times stronger than that used by banks. Instead of simply being "sent" coins have to be cryptographically signed over from one entity to another, essentially putting a lock and key on each token so that bitcoins can be securely backed up in multiple places, and so that copying doesn't increase the amount you own.

Because bitcoins are given their value by the community, they don't need to be accepted by anyone else or backed by any authority to succeed. They are like a local currency except much, much more effective and local to the whole world. As an example of how effective the community is at "backing" the bitcoin: on April 4th 2011 30,000 bitcoins were abruptly sold on the largest Bitcoin exchange, consuming nearly all "buy" offers on the order book and dropping the price by nearly 1/3. But within a couple of days, the price on the exchange had fully rebounded and bitcoins were again trading at good volumes, with large "buy" offers slowly replacing the ones consumed by the trades. The ability of such a small economy (there were only 5 million out of the total 21 million bitcoins circulating then, or about 3.75 million USD worth at then-current exchange rates) to absorb such a large sell-off without crashing shows that bitcoins were already working beautifully.

What problem Bitcoin solves: Mathematically, the specific implementation of the bitcoin protocol solves the problem of "how to do all of the above without trusting anyone". If that sounds amazing, it should! Normally a local currency has to trust all kinds of people for it to be able to work. So does a national currency. And in both cases, that trust is often abused. But with Bitcoin, there's no one person who can abuse the system. Nobody can print more money, nobody can re-use the coins simply by making a copy, and nobody can use anyone else's coins without having direct access to their keys. People who break its mathematical "rules" simply end up creating a whole different system incompatible with the first. As long as these rules are followed by someone, the only way Bitcoin can fail is for everyone to stop using it.

This marvelous quality of not having to trust anyone is achieved in two ways. First, through the use of cutting-edge cryptography. Cryptography ensures that only the owner of the bitcoins has the authority to spend them. The cryptography used in Bitcoin is so strong that all the world's online banking would be compromised before Bitcoin would be, and it can even be upgraded if that were to start to happen. It's like if each banknote in your pocket had a 100-digit combination lock on it that couldn't be removed without destroying the bill itself. Bitcoin is that secure.

But the second way of securing the system, called the blockchain, is where the real magic happens. The blockchain is a single, authoritative record of confirmed transactions which is stored on the peer to peer Bitcoin network. Even with top-notch digital encryption, if there was no central registry to show that certain bitcoins had already been "paid" to someone else, you could sign over the same coins to multiple people in what's called a double-spend attack, like writing cheques for more money than you have in your account. Normally this is prevented by a central authority, the bank, who keeps track of all the cheques you write and makes sure they don't exceed the amount of money you have. Even so, most people won't accept a cheque from you unless they really trust you, and the bank has to spend a lot of money physically protecting those central records, whether they are kept in a physical or digital form. Not to mention, sometimes a bank employee can abuse their position of trust. And, in traditional banking, the bank itself doesn't have to follow the rules you do--it can lend out more money than it actually has.

The blockchain fixes all these problems by creating a single master registry of the already-cryptographically-secured bitcoin transfers, verifying them and locking them down in a highly competitive market called mining. In return for this critical role, the Bitcoin community rewards miners with a set amount of bitcoins per block, taken from the original limited quantity on a pre-agreed schedule. As that original amount gradually runs out, this reward will be replaced by fees paid to prioritise one transaction over another--again in a highly competitive market to ensure the lowest possible cost. The transactions are verified and locked in by the computational work of mining in a very special way so that no one else can change the official record of transactions without doing more computational work than the cumulative work of all miners across the whole network.

In conclusion: All this mathematical technology may be a bit of a mouthful, but what it means in practice is that Bitcoin works just like cash. Bitcoin transactions are intentionally irreversible--unlike credit cards or PayPal where chargebacks can invalidate a payment that has already been made. And there are no middlemen. Transactions are completed directly between the sender and the receiver via the peer to peer network.

Because of Bitcoin's intricate design, the network remains secure no matter where or how you process Bitcoin transactions. Which is incredible--no one else has ever tried to create a system that worked this way! All previous monetary systems have relied on trusting somebody, whether it was the king, town hall, the federal reserve, or banks. Bitcoin doesn't. It's guaranteed instead by the laws of mathematics, and that's why it has everyone from technologists to economists very excited. I'm sure you have lots more questions, so scan the index below to see if they've been asked before, then dive in! The so-called "canonical" threads linked from this index are considered newbie-friendly zones; outside of them you're welcome to try your own luck.

A New kind of Money - BITCOIN

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system. Bitcoin is the simplest way to exchange money at very low cost.

Mobile payments made easy

Bitcoin on mobiles allows you to pay with a simple two step scan-and-pay. No need to swipe your card, type a PIN, or sign anything. And all you need to do to receive Bitcoin payments is to display the QR code in your Bitcoin wallet app and let your friend scan your mobile, or touch the two phones together (using NFC radio technology).

Security and control over your money

Bitcoin transactions are secured by military grade cryptography. Nobody can charge you money or make a payment on your behalf. So long as you take the required steps to protect your wallet, Bitcoin can give you control over your money and a strong level of protection against many types of fraud.

Works everywhere, anytime

Just like with email, you don't need to force your family to use the same software or the same service providers. Just let them stick to their own favorites. No problem there; they are all compatible as they use the same open technology. The Bitcoin network never sleeps, even on holidays!

Fast international payments

Bitcoins can be transferred from Africa to Canada in 10 minutes. There is no bank to slow down the process, level outrageous fees, or freeze the transfer. You can pay your neighbors the same way as you can pay a member of your family in another country.

Zero or low fees

Bitcoin allows you to send and receive payments at very low cost. Except for special cases like very small payments, there is no enforced fee. It is however recommended to pay a higher voluntary fee for faster confirmation of your transaction and to remunerate the people who operate the Bitcoin network.

Protect your identity

With Bitcoin, there is no credit card number that some malicious actor can collect in order to impersonate you. In fact, it is even possible to send a payment without revealing your identity, almost just like with real money. You should however take note that some effort can be required to protect your privacy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Story of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

The Malaysian powers discharged new points of interest on Tuesday of the last satellite interchanges by Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, even as irate relatives and companions of the plane's travelers bankrupt through police lines in Beijing and walked to the Malaysian Government office.

Hishammuddin Hussein, the safeguard pastor and acting transport priest, said that the plane seemed to have sent a last, fractional satellite sign eight minutes after a long ago uncovered electronic "handshake" between the plane and a satellite at 8:11 a.m. on Walk 8. The deficient sign spoke to a "halfway handshake," he said.

"At this point, this transmission is not comprehended and is liable to further continuous work," Mr. Hishammuddin said.

The following indicator from the plane was expected at 9:15 a.m. be that as it may never came. Mr. Hishammuddin alluded carefully to the probability that the end of indicators came after the plane used up fuel, saying that the timing "is steady with the greatest continuance of the aircraft."

On Tuesday morning, relatives and companions of a significant number of the 153 Chinese travelers on Flight 370 assembled outside the Malaysian Government office in Beijing to request that Malaysian authorities let them know reality about the destiny of the flight. They went there regardless of affirmations from the police that the Malaysian minister might go to their inn to converse with them, a clear exertion to prevent them from setting off to the consulate, as stated by individuals on the scene.

The assembly pushed past cops as they exited their lodging, touching base by walking at the consulate about 40 minutes after the fact. The road was gathered with columnists, cops and individuals attempting to move beyond police barricades to achieve a percentage of alternate international safe havens on the square, including the American, Israeli and French government offices. A line of paramilitary cops then obstructed the way and kept columnists from taking after the marchers.

One ambassador turned out to converse with the nonconformists, who gave the government office a searing aggregate proclamation saying the families needed responses and might consider Malaysian authorities and the carrier to be "killers" if the families found that stumbles had prompted the passing of their friends and family.

In the mid evening, a man who said his surname was Wang spoke at the lodging where the families were staying, saying he spoke to them. He said the Malaysian government had so far neglected to give any proof to its decision that the plane had wound up slamming in the Indian Sea, executing everybody ready for. He said the majority of the families finished not accept the Malaysian government's account about the misfortune of the plane.

"I simply need reality to turn out with confirmation," Mr. Wang said, including that he accepted robbers who harbored malevolence to Malaysia had taken the plane.

Election India 2014 of the world's largest democratic nation

India's national decisions will start on April 7 and proceed nine separate dates until May 12, with outcomes anticipated that will be published on May 16, the Election Commission of India advertised Wednesday.

The vote is the world's biggest, with 814 million qualified voters set to pick 543 parts of the lower house of Parliament. This election is broadly recognized to be India's most considerable since 1977.

No party is required to win an inside and out larger part in Parliament, in spite of the fact that the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Gathering and its pioneer, Narendra Modi, revel in a significant lead in presumption surveys. What added up to 272 seats are required to choose a PM, and a blend of territorial gatherings will most likely be required to get a dominant part.

Mr. Modi went to an exchange gathering in New Delhi last week. India's Muslims Careful about Climbing Political Starmarch 3, 2014

Early surveys propose that the Gandhi family, which has overwhelmed Indian governmental issues for the majority of the nation's 67-year history, could endure its most exceedingly awful thrashing ever, with a few studies foreseeing a defeat for the family's gathering, Indian National Congress. A moderating economy and rehashed debasement embarrassments have discolored the family's picture.

Sonia Gandhi, the family matriarch and president of Congress, has endured unexplained sicknesses and is required in the not so distant future to pass administration of the party to her son, Rahul Gandhi. In any case Mr. Gandhi's dubious open proclamations and dull battling have headed numerous to ponder whether he without a doubt needs the employment. The family's reaction to the effects will be viewed nearly.

Results from Uttar Pradesh, the nation's greatest state with 80 seats, are required to be essential in deciding the election victor, and the state will vote on five separate dates. State elections in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Sikkim will be directed at the same time.

India's national elections are a colossal administrative undertaking including 11 million government laborers, 930,000 polling stations and 1.7 million electronic voting machines, with regulatory expenses anticipated that will surpass $645 million. The Election Commission  sends work force and supplies to each corner of India utilizing autos, trains, planes, elephants, donkeys, camels and vessels, said V. S. Sampath, the head election commissioner.

"Elections free and reasonable, tranquil and participative are the life power of democracy," Mr. Sampath said on Wednesday.

Issues are standard. Voters are here and there unabashedly paid for their choices, and candidates regularly surpass their permitted consumptions, in spite of the fact that a higher using top of $1.1 million for every seat may decrease such illicit uses this time.

Regardless of boundless debasement in Indian culture, elections here are broadly acknowledged to be reasonable, and capable administrators routinely go down to smashing and sudden thrashings.

A standout amongst the most phenomenal components of the methodology is the significant turnout around India's poorest. Voting examples in India have long been intensely impacted by standing and religious affiliations, prompting decades of administrative endeavors to assuage one assembly or an alternate.

Yet in the not so distant future, both the Bharatiya Janata Party and another entrance, the Aam Aadmi Party, want to break those examples. The Bharatiya Janata Party needs its message of great legislation and improvement to have limitless request, and the Aam Aadmi Party has underlined a hostile to debasement stage that has prompted eager reactions in differing urban ranges.

Clixsense since 2007


Members, 7 years ago today ClixSense was launched. Things have changed quite a bit since 2007 and we are making some adjustments to the recently launched Sticky Ads.

We have now enabled downline click commissions on Sticky Ads. All members, regardless of their status (Free or Premium) will earn a $0.0001 commission (10%) from their referral clicks on Sticky Ads.

We did not anticipate the success of these ads that are now returning to the advertisers more clicks than first estimated, with the increased views and now downline click commissions it is required that we increase our sticky ad pricing some.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why Bollywood will soon prevail over Hollywood

I grew up viewing Hollywood productions.i uncovered Bollywood films when in upper essential when a nearby station chose to play an Indian film in commending Diwali.i was so moved by the motion picture that i continue goggling its plot to discover what makes Bollywood so unique?

1.The message of love. Bollywood makes us believe in adoration and marriage.while different processes lecture sex and divorce,Bollywood helps us dream again and feel the affection.

2.Incorporation of tune and dance. Bollywood is made special by music which makes its processes never matters to what extent they really never perceive how quick time flies!

3.Engaging of fantasy. Hollywood has overlooked how to make us dream again. Bollywood has exploited this and we can now long for wind blowing our hair away,the moon being so enormous and near the earth and our senseless hearts pulsating so quick we might bite the dust.

4.Rich culture Indians try to be themselves and show such a rich society you might need to know them more.

5. India is developing.we affection to see things develop and experienced with time.people have encountered the lowly beginnings of Bollywood and its unfolding is a story worth viewing.

Instructions to Equalize Your Music Mix

Have you ever heard a tune and truly appreciated the sound and the music itself and was satisfied by it and recently needed to hear it again and again and after each one time you think about how they did that? All things considered, I have. I've generally pondered and needed to know how those special sounds happened all around the entire tune and in the event that you need to, then you are in the ideal place my companion, I will clarify all you have to know.

As a matter of first importance, what is EQ? What is the fever about it? I will begin here and after that I will hop into clarifying how you can utilize EQ within your music blend.

EQ is essentially changing the recurrence and conforming the sound of your music or vocals. EQ frameworks are all around from our home theater framework to our telephones sound player and even autos along these lines they are around us. I would prefer not to enjoy that point in any case. I need to show you how to eq your music and vocals.

So why might one eq music in any case? Isn't the melody tantamount to it is without the necessity to modify the recurrence? It is really straightforward truly. It is important to level on the grounds that frequencies are distinctive, some are louder than others regardless of having the same vitality. The human ear can recognize 20-20,000 Hz, this is the inexact extent and the closer we approach or surpass these limits the softer the sound. There is additionally a necessity for this because of the way that our houses, rooms, autos and edifices have all distinctive shapes and sizes accordingly sound quality will be diverse. You may hear the same tune in diverse venues yet it won't sound the same.

Thus, how would you even out music?

Equalizers work in reaches known as "groups". Expert sound frameworks utilized within studios utilize 20-30 groups and hence give divisions in the extent of human listening to and each one band thus controls a little run of recurrence and subsequently permit more control over sound. It is vital to know this as without a doubt in the event that you are going to level your music, it must be of value and must be listened.

There a 3 sorts of equalizers; parametric, bass and realistic equalizers.

Parametric equalizer is the most broadly utilized and prevalent sound equalizer and this is on the grounds that it permits you to channel, help and cut any recurrence extent and additionally to characterize the width of your cut. This is the thing that I mean: first listen to your music and distinguish the issue frequencies and cut them. To discover issues utilizing this EQ, make a cut in the lo or hey mids, then clear through the frequencies, listening to the changes in each one band. When you distinguish an issue recurrence, you can minimize the slice to a couple of decibels. When you have recognized the issue frequencies, distinguish the great frequencies that you need to support. The same method in discovering the issue frequencies is utilized, just this time as opposed to making a cut, make an intense support in the lo-mids or high-mids. When you recognize a great recurrence, support down to a couple of decibels. In spite of the fact that this is dependent upon the client, who may be searching for an exceptional sound.

The Graphic EQ is utilized when you have to tweak particular frequencies in a live sound circumstance. So this proves to be useful throughout a live execution. Fundamentally it utilizes the same central as the parametric EQ however just that it has controls for particular frequencies. So the playing point here is that you don't have to range through to recognize an issue recurrence. You can make a sudden cut in each one band and listen to the conclusion and after that alter them later on. After this recognize complimentary frequencies and raise them. Help every recurrence to uncover the best in your music and assuming that it so satisfies, use it.

So in outline the sound range recurrence extent is 20 Hz to 20 Khz. To Stand out cut the more level frequencies and after that mix in by cutting the higher frequencies. The point when slicing recall to utilize a slender Q (transmission capacity) and when boosting utilize a wide Q (transfer speed). Bear in mind that its alright to cut frequencies.

I trust this was of help, now you can uninhibitedly balance your music and vocals and think of another sound.

Elements influencing community health

Community health is exceptionally essential as numerous individuals in a community may be sick and transmit the sicknesses to different parts of the community or even outside the community. This in a brief time may cause a pandemic in the social order and may bring a considerable measure of impacts, for example, demise and weakness. In this way community health ought to be given a necessity in all administration of the community.

Around the variables that may influence the community health may incorporate;

I) cultural convictions and practice – numerous individuals accept accepted healers may treat their illnesses. This make them to defer looking for bio medical administrations for better medicine and cure of the infections. It make the ailments to be interminable and hard to treat thus creating to pass on or have exceptionally weakness influencing the general community health.

Ii) women independence – in specific social orders, men are a definite choice producers. They have consequently to the degree that they choose whether their ladies will look for medicine from the health administrations accessible in their area or not. This subsequently influence the amount of ladies going by the medicinal services administrations.

Iii) physical receptiveness – different groups have health awareness administrations which are placed a long way from the inside individuals in that specific community. This will accordingly make the individuals in that community not to can look for the administrations thus influencing the rate at which the community health administrations are been used.

Iv) economic conditions – most bio medical administrations charge for their administrations to treat individuals. This could be a boundary to the nearby individuals as the greater part of them are extremely poor thus unable to pay for the administrations. This will make the health administrations of no utilization to the community as they won't bring to the table their administrations to the neighborhood individuals because of the monetary condition.

V) health administrations and ailments design – health administrations are of assorted sorts and levels of consideration. There are private human services benefits that numerous favor as they are better for their administrations are of superb and quick as they are not congested. They treat individuals more successive as they have adaptable working hours. This guarantee that individuals are more secure from sicknesses in the community. This will influence the community health ailments as the majority of the community parts will visit the private medicinal services administrations and disregard the community administrations.

Community health is important and therefore all should ensure that every person in the community is healthy. The community management should also ensure that the healthcare services are of high quality and therefore no one uses other means of treatment which would be dangerous to their health.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweet Khaman Dhokla - Gujarati Reciepe

There are many kinds of dhokla but these khaman dhokla is most popular. Spongiest, softest and mildly tangy-sweet khaman dhokla tastes delicious with green chutney. It is my all time favorite snacks in all season.
Khaman Dhokla is the most popular Gujarati Snack. Khaman Dhokla can use as breakfast, brunch, side dish, main course and all time snack.


2 cup Chickpea flour (besan)
½ cup Curd
½ cup Water
1.5 tsp Ginger chili paste
Salt to taste
¼ tsp Turmeric powder
1 tsp Sugar powder
½ tsp Fruit salt

Ingredients for seasoning

3 tsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp 7-8 Curry leaves
1 tsp Sugar powder
½ cup Water
1 tbsp Coriander leaves


Beat curd and water properly. Mix besan, salt, ginger chili paste, sugar, turmeric powder in this curd water. Stir properly and keep ma side for 1 hour. Batter should be medium. Now mix fruit salt in it. Grease the plate and pour this batter in dish. Boil water in steamer and place dish on it. Cover lid and cook for 15-20 minutes at medium flame. Remove from steamer. Heat oil in a pan at slow flame. Add mustard seeds in it. When it is spluttering, add cumin seeds and curry leaves. Also add sugar and water in it. When bubble is seen in seasoning, pour on khaman dish. Cut in to medium pieces and garnish with coriander leaves.

Earn While Listening Music

Slicethepie began back in 2007 from a little scout hut in Berkshire. Our focus was on helping unsigned artists and helping music fans discover great new music.That hasn't changed. We’re still in our scout hut and we’re
still here to help undiscovered artists, as well as helping music fans find some great acts along the way.
The only difference now (3 versions of the site and 4 years later) is that our vision is bigger. We've started sorting out the world’s music. It’s a bit like a Wikipedia project, but for music.
Why? Well, ultimately we’d like to match-make bands and music fans, the more reviews we have the more accurately we’re going to be able to connect the right music with the right people. It gets complicated (doesn't all matchmaking?!) so in the meantime don’t worry! Just enjoy the reviewing, find some great music to share with your friends and earn a bit of money along the way. You’ll be helping sort a load of music as well as giving artists some invaluable feedback.
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Step by step instructions to make a famous cocktails drinks

This is so you don't need to visit your nearby pub to extinguish your mixed drink thirst.

1. Tomato juice and vodka

Known as the planets most unpredictable mixed drink, its sources are not obviously laid out. Questionably commended in curing aftereffects, the beverage is known to dead the inconvenience of said headaches. Its notoriety as a helpful drink helps the fame of the Bloody Mary in the morning and early evening, particularly with brunch.

Ingredients: Worcester Sauce, Tabasco, Tomato juice & Lemon (Processed packs of every element expressed are accessible in heading nearby grocery stores)

Serving for one:take 40ml Vodka, 10 ml lemon squeeze, 1tbs spoon, a dash of Worcester sauce, a dash of tabasco, an indication of dark pepper, 1000 ml tomato squeeze and include all of them in a shaker. Shake well and spill in a mixed drink glass loaded with some ice.

(celery, olive, cayenne pepper and celery salt may be utilized)

2. Cuba Libre

Parts: Lime,brown Rum, Coca Cola

Serving for one: Take a dash of lime squeeze and add to 40 ml rum in a long drinking glass loaded with ice. Include a cut of lime and top off with Coca-Cola. Present with a drinking straw

3. Duc and Hugos wild gathering blend

Gets its name from the two who dependably have wild nights when they have some good times formula

Fixings: Vodka, Tequila , Coca-Cola

Serving for one: Mix tequila with vodka with Cola. Include Cola ice blocks and blend. Include a crush of lemon and a squeeze of sugar. Present with a straw.

Idea of climate and their effects on risks


It is a specific zone in point of interest including everything common and man-made i.e. knolls, valleys, streets or lakes, geological forms of the area. 


This is the vertical and even extents of the area surface i.e. the lay of the area. It is typically communicated regarding height, slant and introduction of landscape characteristics. Bumpy ranges are cooler than the encompassing land because of high elevation. The windward side encounters a higher precipitation rate than the leeward side, since leeward side is for the most part drier. 

3.nearness to water forms 

This conservatives the atmosphere. Those living close water forms encounters incessant breezes prompting high precipitation rates. 

4.ocean momentum's 

This is a ceaseless, coordinated development of seawater created by the powers following up on this mean stream, for example, breaking waves, wind, Coriolis impact, cabbeling, temperature and saltiness contrasts and tides brought about by the gravitational force of the moon and the sun. 


This is the stature above ocean level. It is however accepted that the higher you go the cooler it gets to be. 


These are nonexistent lines used to measure distance/location in an equator, either north or south. A spot further from the equator is colder while a spot close to the equator is hotter. 


It is air in movement. It could be characterized regarding quality, pace and heading. The parts of wind incorporate; speed, thickness of the gas included, vitality substance or wind vitality. 



This alludes to lacking measure of dampness substance in the climate, soils and water forms. It realized by the stream of frosty sea momentum in a region i.e. the stream of icy and dry air. Ranges placed on the leeward side of the mountain are constantly dry getting least or no precipitation. Regions of mid-scope zones experience dry seasons throughout summer, hence dampness content in the climate gets low. 


It's generally encountered in dry area territories and this has a tendency to make desert like conditions i.e. decrease in dampness content, vegetation spread e.t.c. swamp zones experience wind disintegration and blaze surges, the disintegration that happens diminish gainfulness of the area creating desert-like conditions. Mid scope territories reasons dry seasons throughout summer along these lines the dampness substance is low bringing about desertification in the region. 


Landslide incorporates slides, streams and falls of unconsolidated materials. High scope and high height territories experience torrential slides, falls and sidelong spreads because of grating or shear disappointment along a structural characteristic, and the gravitational force. 

Wind in manifestation of twisters and anticyclones can trigger the avalanche of a zone by debilitating the structure of the rocks and soils expanding the likelihood of event. This may be as an aftereffect of soaked soils by drizzle water and ground water climb. 


Surge is an abundance of water or mud stream ashore that is regularly dry. Sea ebbs and flows may be activate by maritime seismic waves prompting relocation of the sea plates giving ascent in water/sea level ie. Torrents which cause water stream ashore that is close to the water forms. This prompts gigantic or extreme flooding and subsequently loses of property and lives of the victimized people. 

Low elevation zones experience flooding in view of high precipitation in high height regions where the overabundance water streams to the low territories along these lines flooding these ranges. 



Clash is the contradiction between two or more gatherings which may be as an aftereffect of rivalry of a rare asset. Individuals have a tendency to settle in ranges which are ideal for settlement and rural exercises. These regions may be arable subsequently encounter high profit levels. Rivalry for these rare area territories triggers clashes since those with restricted assets and capacities have a tendency to be underestimated. 


This may be initiated by regular human excavation on soak slants (high elevation) through mining, deforestation, impact vibration in a quarry, watering system and water spillages. warming 

This is the increment in the air temperatures which may be as a consequence of expanded worldwide gasses in the environment, for example, carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and majorly chlorofluorocarbons, per-fluorocarbons and hydro-fluorocarbons which may bring about mechanical exercises. 

Deforestation in high elevation regions builds the amassing of carbon dioxide in the climate which may come about to an unnatural weather change. 

4.urban flooding 

This is a condition majorly created by man-made impedance with the ingestion rate of the area water through urbanization by clearing the surface. Zones close water figures experience urban flooding as solid sea flow and solid winds reasons water uprooting which can't be appropriately emptied and there is nonappearance of enough repositories and dams for unreasonable water stockpiling. Assuming that the landscape is even, the rate of urban flooding expands because of unnecessary sprinkle water.