Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Study: Seeing Dolphin World Just Like Humans

Dolphins are such favorites as friendly to humans , has helped the nature and the intelligent reading. This advantage makes the dolphins often appear in a wide range of attractions, so smart jumped out flaming hoop or just bring a basketball . 

 This animal is intelligent. Studies suggest that the dolphin see their world, just as humans and chimpanzees have seen his world , respectively. The chimpanzee is crowned as the most brilliant animal , which has a 99 percent similarity of DNA with humans . Reported Mirror, researchers at Kyoto University in Japan, finding common ground between the three species, although different habitats . 

To analyze the dolphins, the researchers used nine different geometric objects. Objects placed above the water, and then moved to another place and hidden. The animals were instructed to touch the nose to the two points where the object is located . If the Dolphins were able to find the two points where the object is located , the mammal is entitled to a reward. But, if you are only able to touch a point , there was no consideration given . 

Similar studies are also given in chimpanzees and humans . As a result, it turned out to see the world's mammals are largely visual . However, both the dolphins , chimpanzees and humans have adapted to their respective environments for visual input . Although , dolphins reported minimal vision , it can be concluded that the third living creature was seen in essentially the same way.