Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Best Publisher Ad Networks Alternatives To Adsense

Best Publisher Ad Networks Alternatives To Ad sense 2014

Mobile ad networks Earn online and make easy money with the below top Publisher advertising networks, getting to know about these publishers is must for webmaster where we can earn from websites, blogs etc..There are number of publishers making their way online, buts up to every individual to know exactly which works best for their site. I have listed out few best ones which worked for me.

Review of Publisher Ad Networks:

Qadabra: Way back in 2011 I have registered with Qadabra which was previously known as ads gadget, the registration process is not restricted as ad sense, its simple and you can place the ads on your blogs and websites once the registration is finished. According to me sites which have good traffic visits from US, UK and Canada gets paid high. I normally get my traffic from US.

 The Qadabra team has recently changed the interface where you can monitor the earnings and clicks on the main page representing with a graph. You get paid via Paypal, there is nothing like amount threshold, the Qadabra team sends you how much ever you have in your account, the first month I has $2 they sent me the $2 in month. If there is any issues and need to contact the support you can email to support@qadabra.com. If Google has rejected your ad sense application then go with the Qadabra, according to recent survey people have been earning better then ad sense.
Chitika: The second publisher network I have been using from 2010, there are no registration limitation, just fill the application and your good to go. but when compared to qadabra you have a tax form on chitika, if you’re an Indian there not much work to be done, fill in the field and submit the form.

Once you have logged in you can go to the ads section and select the ad type and place it on blogs or websites. Chitika pays you once you have reached $10 in your account. It pays you high if the traffic is from US and UK. If you have any issues you can send an email to support@chitika.com.
BidVertiser: This is also the best publisher network just from some sites, like tech, software sites. I have been using it for 1 years the getting paid well enough, the registration is simple and you have to place ads providing the websites.

They approve each website in 1 day and you can place ads with different colors. They pay you once you reach $10.
Infolinks: This inline text based, its good for websites with lot of content, writing reviews or education related. They pay you after you reach $50.

You place both on blogger and word press site, they provide you plugins. The registration is quick and easy. The amount is updated after every 24 hours. Once you add a new site you will get a new site ID.
Clicksor.com: The clicksor provides you with Inline Text Links, Graphical Banner, Text Banners, Interstitial Ads, Pop-Under, this one interesting publisher network, where you get paid very easily.

when you use pop under ad format, for sure you will have the users click your ads. You get paid for $10.