Sunday, April 13, 2014

The New testament and polygamy

It has been contended that polygamy is shrewd around numerous religions. However there are others that acknowledge polygamy. So what is the contrast between being polygamous and being monogamous? Poly implies more than one while mono means one. So polygamy is the demonstration of being wedded to more than one wife. In straightforward terms it is constantly wedded to two or more wives. It has been underscored particularly in Christianity that one ought to wed one and only wife and love and admiration their marriage. In the Old Testament we saw numerous well known individuals having numerous wives. The instance of Solomon is a great sample. Solomon was a man of God. He worshiped Him in truth and in soul however had numerous wives and a few courtesans. This brings the inquiry; completed God truly permit polygamy previously?

Previously, the countries of the world were dependably at war. God as we know is the God of peace. For peace to win one kingdom needed to reinforce the association with the other. Solomon thus was a ruler. He was so popular for his extraordinary insight given by God Himself. For there to be peace on the planet and in the kingdoms, Solomon needed to wed the girls of rulers and reinforce the relationship. Solomon had seven hundred wives and that means great relations with seven hundred kingdoms.

In the New Testament, polygamy has been positively censured. It is not however clear in the holy book yet the verses demonstrate to it. In first Corinthians 7:2 says " but in light of the fact that there is so much sexual shamelessness, each one man ought to have his own particular wife, and every lady ought to have her husband."(holy BIBLE) This verse is clear. There are two individuals that are discussed in this verse; the spouse and the wife. This basically implies that in marriage, just two individuals are bond together. In Ephesians 5:23 says "for a spouse is the leader of his wife as Christ is the leader of his body, the congregation; he gave his life to be her savior."(holy BIBLE) Here the saying "wife" indicates that the spiritual text helps marriage between small time and one lady. In the verse 22 the creator talks of wives submitting to spouses implying that there are numerous wives and numerous spouses along these lines one spouse has one wife.

There is the book of disclosure which is seen as a prophetically calamitous book on the grounds that in implies to recount what's to come. It indicates what happens at last. Disclosure 19:7 says "let us be happy and cheer, and offer honor to him: for the marriage of the sheep is come and his wife hath made herself ready."(nkjv)) The journalist of the book of disclosure has demonstrated that a man ought to wed stand out wife. In the times of the witnesses, a man who wedded one wife implied that he was keeping the expressions of God. Indeed, elderly folks were to wed one wife. In the book of first timothy 3: 12 it says "let the elders be the spouses of one wife, governing there kids and their houses well."(nkjv)

In the days of yore here in Africa, men used to wed numerous wives. However with the happening to western instruction and civilization, numerous Africans have turned to monogamy and left their society for that of Europeans