Monday, April 28, 2014

Huma Qureshi Currently Dating

The popularity of Huma Qureshi is increasing by each passing day. In AN interview, she frankly admitted that she had not even unreal of such a scintillating career. She was proud of her theatrical comes, and a few commercials (with geographical area Unilever and Samsung Mobile). However, destiny had written one thing else for her. Anuraj Kashyap was craving for a contemporary face for his Gangs of Wasseypur. Suddenly, he saw Huma in an exceedingly Samsung Mobile business, and asked her to try and do the audition for a job. She without delay went there, and was hand-picked.

That was simply a begin. Her role within the each elements of GoW was critically acclaimed, and suddenly she began to get a lot of comes. D-Day, Ek Thi full general and Shorts square measure a number of her booming comes. Hopefully, Dedh Ishqia will work higher on the screen.

Boyfriends of Huma Qureshi

You might be curious concerning the connection standing of Huma Qureshi. there's no denying that she contains a excellent career before her. With a number of nice comes, she is projected to become one amongst the foremost booming screenland actresses of her time. in this situation, it'll be idiotic to expect her obtaining married within the close to future. But, she will be able to stay in an exceedingly relationship. No?
If you're fan of Huma Qureshi, you ought to recognize that she belongs to city. Her father runs a sequence of restaurants  and her family stays in GK. She studied in Gargi faculty. She had a minimum of 2 serious relationships throughout her faculty days. the primary relationship was with Manoj Tanwar, a student of Venky’s. They wont to date in South Ex in Saket. Huma’s favorite stamping ground with Manoj was choose town Walk, Saket. However, the connection couldn't be maintained for long. owing to some personal problems (mainly, religious) Manoj and Huma compound ways in which. She was once more attached with patriarch Ansari, atiny low time bourgeois of solon Place. However, she had to mention good-by to the current relationship attributable to distance once she shifted to Mumbai (in 2008).

Huma Qureshi Current lover

After returning to Mumbai, it had been Huma’s intention to not get joined with anyone. She was attempting her best to urge some sensible assignments. Her audition for Junction couldn't fructify because the film ne'er came to the ground. She had some sensible business assignments, however she was craving for film comes. She wont to see a lot of business folks, and as mentioned higher than finally Anurag Kashyap gave her an enormous project.
It is same that Huma Qureshi is presently geological dating Arjan Bawja. i have to mention here that quite an very little data is offered within the property right concerning them, however there's no denying that each of them square measure additional shut than being known as ‘just friends’.

It ought to be mentioned here that Huma Qureshi was additionally joined up with Anurag Kashyap. However, she told in AN interview within the Time of India that she is friend with each Anurag and Kalki, and Anurag is protecting to her as a result of he is aware of her ex-boyfriend.