Monday, April 14, 2014

Light-Hearted campaign- Ukrainian says No sex with Russians please

In a cheerful crusade against Russians in the wake of Moscow's choice to append Crimea, campaigners are currently urging Ukrainian ladies not to have intercourse with Russian men.

The activists from a Ukrainian assemble under the authority of Irina Rubis are offering T-shirts with the message 'Don't offer it to a Russian' composed on it, media reports said.

The T-shirt has a couple of hands making the state of a vagina.

The returns from the deal are constantly given to the Ukrainian armed force, Rubis, CEO of Ekonomica Communication Hub, told NBC News.

"Sex is known for being a standout amongst the best components of attracting generous consideration regarding fights," Rubis was cited as saying.

The motto on the T-shirts is not about sex yet a case to ensure our nation from an assailant, she included.

The shirts are constantly sold through Facebook for 250 Ukrainian hryvnia (about Rs 1,400).