Tuesday, March 24, 2015

KSU - Electronic Musshaf project - By King Saud University

Providing copy of Mosshaf Al-Madina, copy of Mosshaf Al-Tajweed (colored according to Tajweed rules) and copy of Mosshaf Warsh (Rewayat Warsh An-Nafei').
Al Quran recitations by many famous reciters (two of them are by Rewayat Warsh an-Nafei').
Repeating each Aya as many times as desired with time interval in between.
Search through Al Quran text.
Direct browsing the Mosshaf by Sura/Aya(Chapter/Verse) , Juz(Part) or Page number.

King Saud University has issued long-awaited Koran dont leave a friend and any one you know, but sent him this 

Quran. They have made great efforts in preparation. Full complete Quran and its interpretation just by touching the screen from left to right.

Voice + recite + translation + interpretation