Saturday, March 28, 2015

Customer to Customer (C2C) E-Commerce facility

Customer to Customer(C2C), sometimes known as Consumer to Consumer, E-Commerce involves electronically-facilitated transactions between individuals, often through a third party. One common example is online auctions, such as EBay, where an individual can list an item for sale and other individuals can bid to purchase it. Auction sites normally charge commission to the sellers using them. They act purely as intermediaries who match buyers with sellers and they have little control over the quality of the products being offered, although they do try to prevent the sale of illegal goods, such as pirate CDs or DVDs.

C2C e-commerce enables to accomplish tasks more quickly. C2C e-commerce is useful. C2C e-commerce is a convenient way to manage finances. C2C e-commerce eliminates geographic limitation and increases flexible in mobility. It is easy to use C2C e-commerce to accomplish selling or buying products or services. C2C e-commerce is easy to use. Learning to operate C2C e-commerce would be easy. It is easy to remember how to perform tasks with C2C e-commerce. The C2C e-commerce site is of high quality.

The likely quality of the C2C e-commerce site is extremely high. The C2C e-commerce site must be of very good quality. The C2C e-commerce site appears to be of very high quality. People have encouraged using C2C e-commerce to promote ‘green (environmental protection)’. Decision to adopt C2C e-commerce to promote ‘green (environmental protection)’ is influenced by users. It feel safe in making transactions over C2C e-commerce websites. Purchasing on C2C e-commerce websites will not cause any financial risk. We have to not worry to use the electronic payment system such as PayPal on C2C e-commerce websites.

C2C e-commerce websites does have sufficient technical capacity to ensure that the data send cannot be modified by hackers. We can feel safe providing personal privacy information over C2C e-commerce websites. C2C e-commerce sites I use provide me with sound buyer protection policy. we can believe that buyer protection policy provided by C2C e-commerce websites can protect my transaction through the websites.