Wednesday, March 25, 2015

History of Cricket World Cup 1975-2015

Result summary
East Africa1975-1975303000.00
New Zealand1975-20157848290162.33
South Africa1992-20155535182065.45
Sri Lanka1975-20157335351250.00
United Arab Emirates1996-201511110009.09
West Indies1975-20157141290158.57
MS Dhoni has been hailed the same number of things - India's most prominent commander ever, "a large portion of the Indian group at this World Cup", the best finisher on the planet, a symbol and this swarm pleaser from Mark Nicholas: "an amazingly gorgeous man." 
MS Dhoni
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Like his trophies, the superlatives for Dhoni are heaping up, their loudest round now scrumptiously close. Dhoni is 100 overs far from his second in a row World Cup last, on the back of the most colossal chances. This one is far from home in what is viewed as the hardest nation on the planet for visiting groups. Moreover, the signs for India around an Australia ODI in Sydney are pressing: the restriction is imposing, unbeaten by India for 10 matches this season crosswise over organizations. 

It is, commonly, time for super-heroics and who else yet Dhoni to discover some way or another to the inside, as he did in the 2011 last. There is a decent risk that underneath his blue India shirt rests a cape and a superhero uniform, with the letters MSD appropriately embellished. Were an alternate name needed, perhaps Coolman would do. Like all genuine superheroes, Coolman once even had his kryptonite - it was called Test cricket. At the same time he is past that now. Thursday's situation is one that Dhoni's superhero self works best in: big game, enormous event, huge impediments, enormous rivals. 

It is to a great degree improbable Dhoni will be at the World Cup in 2019 in any case, in 2015, he has uncovered a couple of additional shades of his ODI cricket. As commander, he has appreciated being in his component, in spite of working inside ODI regulations that he has never enjoyed and never dithered to say as much openly. In the World Cup, he has worked with and around them, and by keeping away from the common "funkyness" of his rocking the bowling alley changes and strange reshuffles of batting requests. This more coherent captaincy may well have kicked in amid India's in the first place, hyper-stimulated match in this World Cup, against Pakistan, which was played in normal India mode: Pile on the runs and utilization scoreboard weight to dry out the restriction and jump on frenzy station wickets.