Thursday, November 6, 2014

Modi's Slogan " Made in India "

PM Modi's slogan Made in India today. Let's initiative to replace the American Whats 

App app.  Follow Indian TELEGRAM 

After all it is the first Indian social media app.  Chinese  refused Whats App and 

adopted Made-in-China We -Chat

Finally, when we will take the initiative? Stop the use of Whats App  

200 Millions of Indians are Using  Whats App .

We are losing a total of 200 × 56 crore = 1120 Millions of Rupees 

 for information that  is going out to India, 

send Message to all of 

 Please download and TELEGRAM ... 

It is having more function than  Whats App .
1-It can send video. more from 16 Mb to 50 Mb 

2-This word, excel and adobe can also send the file. 

3  You can add 200 people in the group. 

4. It does not charges Absolutely Free. 

5-It works same as Whats app work.Same interface and system

(TELEGRAM) is Indian.🇮🇳