Saturday, November 8, 2014

Geni- Make your own Family Tree for free

Geni is solving the problem of genealogy by inviting the world to build the 
definitive online family tree. Using the basic free service at, users 
add and invite their close relatives to join their family tree. All Geni users can 
share photos, videos, and documents with their families. Geni’s Pro 
subscription service allows users to find matching trees and merge those into 
the single world family tree, which currently contains over 70 million living 
users and their ancestors.

 Additional pay services include enhanced research tools and 
premium support. Geni welcomes casual genealogists and experts who wish to 
discover new relatives and stay in touch with family. Geni is privately held and 
based in Los Angeles, California.
In November 2012, Geni was acquired by MyHeritage Ltd. and is now a 
MyHeritage company.

I love Geni! I have been using Geni for about three weeks now, and thought you might like to know how I found it, and what my experience with it has been. I'm a teacher and a grad student (and I)… began to throw a few hours at it. I am amazed to have found that I could put about 300 relatives into my tree, and clearly organize all of their relationships, and all sorts of information about them. I am highly impressed by Geni's capacity to generate statistics, timelines, and a number of other tools I find useful. I admire the way Geni takes its accumulated data and can instantly make a tree that puts whoever the user chooses into its central position, immediately answering the important question, "What is the relationship between this person and everyone else in this tree?" I also like the means of inputting narratives along with demographics, photos and even video. I am in the process of taking my family's old home movies and digitizing them. My grandfather started making home movies in 1919, which is extraordinarily early, but it will mean a lot to my relatives to gain access to them online, and in relation to specific relatives. At some point I will note which portions of the footage relate to which people, and put links to those portions within peoples' profiles. That will be really astonishing.
Thank you for this very satisfying means to connecting so many people to each other and to their heritage!