Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Different types of people in Whats app Groups

1. THE PARROT...always online never misses to comment. Always starts conversations.

2. THE MEDIA MANIAC..always sending pics n videos, u wonder whether he/she uses 64 GB            
     memory card.

3. THE OBSERVER silent, online but rarely comments on posts.When you mention him/her,he/she    
     answers you.
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4. THE SENSITIVE ...always takes comments personally, jumps on you &gets mad about them.

5. THE MOUSE....always in & out of the group for no reason, like a mouse.

6. THE BEGGAR ..always in need of bundles & other favors. Please buy your bundles too.

7. THE COMPLAINER..ever complaining, dislikes offensive pics, long videos, and some                    

8.  THE PREFECT ...points out mistakes, always in boxing the admin.

9.  THE STUBBORN ...the only job he does is changing icon and group name.

10. THE DEFENDER ...protects others, speaks for those who cant speak for themselves.mostly the        

11. THE ATTENTION SEEKER .drama queen/king, out to get noticed, posts his pics without              
      anyone requesting.

12. THE BORING Neighbour ..always comes to your inbox to discuss what is happening in the              

13. THE STORYTELLER ..posts long posts & wen no one comments he/she re-posts again.

14. THE GREEN EYES..ever full of 'beef'..every time looking for loopholes to start arguments.            
      He/she never looses arguments.

15. THE COOL GUY..very nice ,friendly , freely chats, understanding& problem solver.solver.              
      Like-able by most members & group admin.

16. TEAM MAFIOSI..The guys who hitting on every chic in the group and will always inbox them        
      suggesting to meet them...