Sunday, May 17, 2015

IF you can READ this click & Share

IF you can READ this click & Share
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Some Comments :

1. It says the same thing it said the last four hundred and eighty two million times I saw it.

2.I can't sleep because I strained my brain trying to read this!!! PS. I am now cross-eyed too!!

 3.It's the lack of an apostrophe that's keeping me awake at night...

4.Simple! It says: 'Brian Williams was the first person to step on the moon'

5.I cant sleep can't needs an apostrophe

6.I can't sleep and now I got a headache frown emoticon

7.I do not sleep at night and can not go to sleep until 4 of 5 in the morning it should say I AM SICK!

8.Do what most of us do. Roll over an say baby I can't sleep . An she hit you in the head.

9.Focus on the pattern change, so you can see the words. Yes, an eye teaser for sure.

10.I cant sleep. Need more Valium.

When you it give some comment on it .