Monday, June 22, 2015

Useful contents for Mumineen - Pocket Sahifa

MumineenSahifa.apk - Download New Pocket Sahifa


- All text and audio files open within the app so you do not have to leave the app to access, read and listen to the files.


- Streamlined text throughput the app, with white background for ease in reading.

- Specially for Farzando – Full Namaz, Wuzu, Allah Taala, Biradar Tu, Anasheed ul Tafaal etc in text and audio formats.

- Sherullah complete package in the form of Daily Niyats, Bihori Hafti, Fajr Hafti, Juma Hafti, Laylatul Kadr Hafti, Ramazan Duas, Bawisa, Mota Bawisa, Layali Fazila, and Ambiya na Naam.

- Full Quran, Busaheba Sahifa, Mithi Shitabi and Darees Hafti, Hadisa, Duas and many other tasbeehs.

- A large collection of Madeh, Marasiya, Rasa, Nasihat, Salaam, Kalam, Naat, Matami Noha, Manqabaat etc.

- Complete Ya Sayedus Shohada, Fulkul Hussain, Ya Qutbadinillahi and Darbare Hatim in a single app for the first time.

- Useful information like list of all Miqaats and names of all Dai al Mutlaq's.

- Easy and prompt access to all deeni files directly on your phone. No need for an active data connection.

- Pocket sahifa in the true sense, extremely useful and convenient for people on the move.