Monday, February 16, 2015

Narendra Modi Digital India Program - Digi-Locker

Now you do not need to come up with your desired document. The government has launched its digital locker. Where you have your birth certificate, passport, important documents, such as academic certificates can be stored online. This facility supports the card you need to have to get only Aadhaar card number feed support digital locker, you can open an account. Link your digital locker for her is the same bus. Digital locker, Narendra Modi Digital India is a part of the program. Department of Electronics & InformationTechnology (DEITY) has launched a beta version of a digital locker.

How will the digital locker?
Digital locker

Go on the website to create a digital locker will make your IDs. You must be logged in to create IDs with your Aadhaar card number. After log in information that you are asked to fill in the information. and your account is ready. After opening the account,you can upload your personal documents. 

What is the specialty?

Digital locker feature anywhere anytime that you can submit your document. Digital Locker scheme every Indian academic, medical, passport and PAN card details may have a digital form. The website has been said that, in the digital locker at any time and in any place authorized customers; agencies have chosen to upload their documents safely.

Why are required to support the card?

Support card is required to open a digital locker that supports your card ID and mobile number in your e-mail should be updated. If you did not, it would not be easy for you to open the digital locker. However, do not update your mobile number and e-mail a digital locker website you can update it. This facility will be available there. 

What is the benefit?

The biggest advantage of digital locker document will not feel that you need to do with your document. Also fear that it will not be lost. Link to document through its digital locker will fulfill your needs. You can open a bank account, such as the required document can be given to the bank by linking digital locker. Similarly to the needs of other government departments can also use this link.