Friday, October 17, 2014

Rabeha Solar has installed the third 'Solar Water Pump' in Yemen

Rabeha Solar has installed the third 'Solar Water Pump' in Yemen. Villages in Haraaz area face extreme difficulties due to lack of water. There are many water wells here but because of no electricity mumineen have to pull water from well by hand.

Rabeha has now installed a unique 'Solar Water Pump' in the town of Ashyab Asfal. Now hundreds of liters of water gets pumped out of this well autometically through the energy of sun and get transferred into a tank. Now Mumineen fill their water buckets from the tank.
Mumineen here are extremely excited, it is like magic to them. All this has become possible due to dua Mubarak of Maulana Aaliqadr Syedna Saifuddin T.U.S.

We thank Shaikh Jabir bhai Rasheed, Shaikh Shabbir bhai Karachiwala and Muslim bhai Moulavi of Dubai, and a mumin bhai from Chicago U.S.A. for this donation of 'Solar Water Pump'.

Rabeha is non-profit organization and its success is due to the donations we receive from Mumineen around the world. We will inshallah install many such solar water pumps in Yemen and in India