Monday, January 11, 2016

Mobile Phones Reviews

Oppo R7 Lite
The body of the R7 was designed with a single piece of aircraft-grade magnesium aluminium alloy and has undergone 48 polishing processes before finally attaining it’s exquisite all-metallic body. Its metallic ratio is as high as 92.3%. The robust device is matched with a 5 inch 1080p Super AMOLED screen, and the craftsmanship and beauty of a violin.

The design of the R7 body delicately employs the artistic style of "lineism". The back adopts the classic arc design of a violin's neck to match the double-arcs of the body's edges, creating the visual effect of slimness and highlighting the perfection in details through the movement of light and shadows.
oppo r7

Zip through large downloads and stream videos with great ease with the 4G connectivity (CAT4) on your Canvas Pulse 4G.
150Mbps Download speed
50Mbps Upload speed
CAT 4 enabled

Click memorable photos with the spectacular 13MP rear camera, and fun selfies on the 5MP front camera.
13MP AF Rear Camera
5MP Front Camera

Micromax anvas Pulse 4G

Don’t need to stay stuck to your charger anymore, as the Canvas Pulse 4G comes with a powerful 2100mAh battery.
8 hours* talk time
190 hours* stand-by time

No need to delete files to make space for new ones, as the Canvas Pulse 4G comes with expandable memory, of up to 32GB.
ROM of 16GB